Metraflow Aggressive Chemical Flow Meter: Instructions (3) Flowmeter Setup

Metraflow Aggressive Chemical Flow Meter – Setup

Setup of the Metraflow – PFA – Inline Flow Meter

Before use, download and install Atrato Metraflow software from memory stick or website. The Metraflow ultrasonic flowmeter (the ideal aggressive chemical flow meter) should be setup using the USB interface and a suitable computer. Below is a screen shot of the Configuration screen as it typically opens with the flowmeter connected.

PFA Ultrasonic flow meter for pure water
Setup screen for the Metraflow PFA Ultrasonic aggressive chemical flow meter for pure water flow measurement & metering of aggressive fluids and liquids

The three tabs at the bottom of the display are, “User Settings”, “Flow Details” and “Advanced”.

The panel (left) shows the functions of the panel on the top left of the screen.
Control buttons to apply the settings and recover previously set parameters.

pure water flow sensor
Panel functions of the Metra Flow Pure water & aggressive chemical flow sensor. Send settings, retrieve settings, open settings file, save settings, test outputs, lock/unlock user settings, diagnostic tools and software information.

To modify the configuration click “User Settings” tab at the bottom of the screen and ensure the system is unlocked for editing.

metra flow PFA flow meter settings
Screen shot of the “User Settings” screen on the Metraflow PFA pure water & aggressive chemical flow meter system

Metraflow Meter – Multiple Window Operation:

To aid set up whilst operating the meter it is possible to detach the Flow Details and Advanced windows by dragging and dropping the bottom tabs away from the main window. This allows the user to view those tabs whilst adjusting the User Settings.

The Flow Details window may be further reduced or expanded using the minimise and maximise icons respectively in the top right hand of the window.