Metra Flow Meter – PFA Inline Ultrasonic Flowmeter: Instructions (1) Intro & Ordering

Introduction – Metraflow PFA Inline Ultrasonic Flow Meter

The Metraflow through-flow, inline ultrasonic flow meter uses Titan’s patented transit time ultrasonic technology to accurately measure liquid travelling through a PFA flow tube. The compact integrated ‘electronic display and sensor’ inline ultrasonic flow meter package offers superior performance in a single assembly. Computer and operational connections are separate, permitting setting and interface monitoring during normal operation. The units, time base, set points and analogue and digital outputs can all be set through the USB connector and ultrasonic flow meter interface software. Other parameters such as minimum flow cut-off, computer based data logging, display/output filtration and a negative flow flag can also be configured through this port.

non invasive ultrasonic flow meter
The Titan Metraflow is a through-bore, inline ultrasonic flow meter, perfectly suited to ultra pure water flow measurement and the flow metering of aggressive chemical fluids & liquids

General Information – Metraflow PFA Inline Ultrasonic Flow Meter

The Titan Metra-flow meter represents a new generation of through bore (inline) time of flight ultrasonic flow meter that uses breakthrough technology, offering a wide ranging and yet accurate flow measurement system. The Titan Metraflow meter is ideal for any application which requires a truly non-contact (non-invasive). high purity fluid path.

The user must make sure that the Metra-flow meter selected is suitable for the application and that the chemical compatibility, temperature and pressure requirements are within the Metraflow’s operating range. Please check the model number before proceeding. All Metraflow meters can be programmed and monitored via the USB connection.

inline ultrasonic flow meter
Metraflow Non-Invasive PFA Ultrasonic Flow Meter For Challenging Liquids & Fluids – The Ideal Pure Water Flow Meter Perfectly Suited to Semiconductor, Pharmaceutical, Medical Laboratory, Aggressive Chemical & Pilot Plant Flow Measurement