Metraflow – Ultrasonic PFA Flow Meter & Pure Water Flow Meter: Instructions (2) Flowmeter Installation

Metraflow Ultrasonic PFA Flow Meter – Dimensions

The Perfect Pure Water Flow Meter & Aggressive Chemical Flow Metering System

ultrasonic pfa flow meter
Dimensions:  The Metraflow is the perfect pure water flow meter, with the flow tube manufactured from PFA.

Standard Metraflow Ultrasonic PFA Flow Meter units are supplied with:

  • 150mm PFA hose ends
  • 1.0m length 8 way cable
  • Mounting can be done using two M3 threaded ports on the rear of the flow meter
non invasive pure water flow meter
The Metraflow meter is a through-bore (non-invasive) ultrasonic flow meter & an ideal pure water flow meter solution

Position the Metraflow ultrasonic PFA flow meter either in a horizontal pipe or if in a vertical pipe with the flow in an upward direction. This will ensure that any bubbles automatically clear the meter.

In a horizontal pipe confirm that the system has no air trapped in it. If vertical is not possible an angle of more than 10 degrees from the horizontal may be acceptable.

Metraflow meter – positioning the PFA non-invasive ultrasonic flow meter

Due to ultrasound algorithms used straight upstream and downstream pipes are not necessary. It is however good practice to install the device well away from valves, regulators elbows and other components that could cause random turbulence or gas break-out on the fluid entering or leaving the meter. If necessary use spacer blocks and mounting clips to raise the pipe work away from surfaces. It is good practice to use upstream and downstream isolating full bore ball valves to facilitate easy meter installation or removal.

The Metraflow meter must be installed in a positive pressure system. Ensure that there is enough back pressure on the flow meter to keep any gas in solution. We recommend 500mbar plus two times the fluid vapour pressure.
The Metraflow meter can be operated entirely from a computer using the USB connection. This gives local computer display and an NPN pulse output. This may not be acceptable in many situations where remote operation or further functions are required. The unit will work with systems from Windows XP onwards. Connect to the computer with the supplied 1.0m cable any suitable USB lead, do not exceed 5Metres as this may cause data loss. Run the 1 metre output cable to a suitable terminal box or instrument. This cable can be lengthened if required, up to 20m.

The Metraflow meter is also supplied with an 8 core flying lead for standard remote connection. The cable assignments are displayed below:

pure water flow meter connections
Connection diagram for the Metraflow ultrasonic PFA flow meter – ideal for pure water flow metering requirements